Microsoft Server

Scale, strengthen and streamline your server infrastructure, with a Windows Server from Microsoft, personalised for your business by ARO.

Enhancing your Windows server performance

Your cloud applications and services can only ever perform as well as the servers supporting them. ARO creates a reliable and efficiently managed Microsoft Server environment. This empowers you with a robust platform that reinforces your data security and scales with your business operations and growth ambitions. 

A robust and efficiently managed server environment

ARO offers a wide range of Microsoft Server consultancy and support services. We can configure your Microsoft Exchange Server to keep pace with the demands of your emails and calendars. If you want to create an intranet on SharePoint, we’ll make sure you have a Microsoft SharePoint server to run it on. If you’re thinking of using Azure for virtualisation, we’ll take care of the Hyper-V Server. And the list goes on.

As a certified Microsoft Solutions Partner, our cloud experts deliver personalised server operating systems and configurations. This empowers your business with improved server performance, enhanced data security, streamlined operations, and maximum scalability.

Microsoft Server, often referred to as Windows Server, is a server operating system developed by Microsoft. It connects on-premise environments with Azure, adding additional layers of security while helping to modernise your applications and infrastructure.

Microsoft Server is used for various purposes within organisations, including hosting and managing networked services, centralised management and administration, virtualisation, and security and identity management.

A server is a computer system or software application that provides resources, services, or data to other computers or devices on a network, typically through client-server architecture. They are often used for hosting centralised resources and managing networked environments. On the other hand, a NAS is a specialised storage device or appliance that is directly attached to a network and provides centralised storage capacity accessible to multiple clients or users over the network. NAS devices are primarily used for storing and sharing files, backups, and multimedia content.

Microsoft operates data centres and cloud services around the world, including the UK. Organisations can use Microsoft’s servers and data centres to deploy and manage their IT workloads, applications, and services in compliance with local regulations and requirements. ARO is also one of the UK’s leading data centre service providers, with specialised knowledge in data centre architecture, infrastructure, and operations.

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