M365 Copilot

We customise your Microsoft 365 Copilot and integrate it across your applications, so you can perform everyday tasks with more speed and more proficiency.

AI assistance for your everyday work tasks

The working day is often consumed by time-consuming but critical routine tasks – generating reports, writing emails, finding correlations in data. We help you to target Microsoft Copilot assistance in these areas. This empowers your people to perform these everyday tasks more proficiently, so they have more time for creative, strategic and rewarding tasks.

Customising and configuring your Copilot assistance

Not every organisation needs to use Copilot in the same way. Our M365 Copilot Readiness Workshops precisely identify the assistance you need to achieve the biggest impact. We then work with you to integrate this support seamlessly across your core Microsoft applications.

Visualise data in Excel, get instant inspiration for your PowerPoint presentations and real-time writing tips that add professional polish to Word documents. ARO’s Copilot solutions not only improve productivity, they also enhance the quality of your content and analysis.

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