Leverage the power of virtualisation, by combining ARO’s infrastructure expertise with the scalability of VMWare to create a resilient and efficient virtualised environment.

A reliable and scalable virtualisation platform

Today’s rising demand for storage and processing power, is making running physical servers and data centres increasingly expensive, unwieldy, and inefficient. By implementing virtualisation strategies using VMWare solutions, we maximise the utilisation of your existing infrastructure and create more scalable support for the expansion of cloud computing in the future.

Amplifying the business benefits of virtualisation

When ARO virtualises your infrastructure with VMWare it unlocks a range of powerful business benefits. These include streamlined IT management, decreased IT costs, enhanced security, reduced business disruption, a seamless path to hybrid cloud, and better support for cloud applications.

Our personalised virtualisation strategies and responsive support create reliable and scalable VMWare platforms. These solutions reduce hardware dependencies, optimise utilisation of your existing servers and data centre infrastructure, and allow you to adjust more adeptly to changing business needs. 

VMware is a leading provider of virtualisation software and services, offering a range of solutions for virtualising computing, networking, storage, and management resources.

VMware software allows organisations to create virtualised environments, where multiple virtual machines (VMs) run on a single physical server or across a cluster of servers.

Having multiple virtual machines on a single or fewer physical server enables more efficient resource utilisation, higher availability, and simplified management of IT infrastructure.

VMware Workstation is a desktop virtualisation product that allows users to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on a single physical machine. It is mainly used for testing, development, and training purposes. VMware refers to the broader suite of virtualisation solutions offered by VMware, including server virtualisation, network virtualisation, and cloud management platforms.

If you don’t renew your VMware license, you may lose access to product updates, technical support, and new features provided by VMware. However, the software may continue to function normally, depending on the terms of the license agreement. Organisations should carefully consider the implications of not renewing their VMware licenses, as it may impact security, stability, and compatibility with new hardware and software releases.

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