Dell Server & Storage

Enhance the speed and efficiency of which information is shared across your network with an ARO-architected Dell server and storage solution.

Driving forward server and storage innovation

Outdated infrastructure and data centre hardware will struggle to withstand the workload and processing requirements of cloud computing. Dell EMC offers a wide range of rack server, tower server and blade server solutions. This powerful hardware can be personalised and purpose-built for your enterprise computing needs by ARO architects.

A reliable and scalable IT environment

As a Dell Platinum Partner, we bring the product knowledge and technical expertise to help you configure server and storage settings to achieve an optimal balance of computing power and memory. And through our proactive server management services, we work alongside you beyond implementation to maintain and continue to evolve your Dell infrastructure hardware and services.

Maintaining and developing your server and storage are critical components of your cloud strategy. As your catalogue of cloud applications expands and your data load multiplies, ARO makes sure your Dell servers and storage adapt and evolve to keep up with a rapidly rising data load.

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