Azure Stack HCI

Enlist ARO expertise to seamlessly integrate Dell HCI hardware and Azure cloud services to create a cohesive hybrid infrastructure solution.

Achieving the optimal Azure HCI Stack integration

On the one hand you have the robustness of Dell’s hyperconverged infrastructure hardware. On the other, you have the scalability and security of Azure’s cloud services. As a Dell Gold Partner and a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Infrastructure Azure, ARO provides the broad product know-how and deep technical expertise to combine the two seamlessly into an Azure Stack HCI solution.

A powerful hybrid cloud solution

Azure Stack HCI is Microsoft’s hybrid cloud solution that combines the power of Azure with hyper-converged infrastructure from Dell. Harnessing ARO’s expertise and bringing these two powerful technologies together creates a high-performance hybrid environment. In terms of business impact, that’s seamless workload migration, flexible resource allocation, and reduced operational costs and complexity.

ARO combines product know-how with understanding of your business to structure the optimal hybrid infrastructure stack for your business. This creates a robust bridge, connecting your on-premises and cloud environments.

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