Cloud Infrastructure

We take our expertise in cloud infrastructure technology and apply it to bring your business’ blueprint for cloud computing to life.

To host applications and services in the cloud, you need the right infrastructure systems. We put in place the physical hardware and software elements you need to gain robust and secure access to the cloud, and all the cost efficiencies, scalability, and flexibility it offers.

Network, servers, storage, virtualisation – ARO brings knowledge and technical expertise across all the key components of cloud infrastructure. We’ll work with you to understand the needs of your business and implement solutions that give you the data storage and computing power to ensure your cloud tools and services are always available, on-demand.

Fulfil all your cloud ambitions

We provide all the infrastructure you need to support your Cloud-hosted applications and operations. From automation software that optimises resource allocation, to allocating the right storage for your back-up and data recovery. Whether you’re going full cloud or transitioning to a hybrid set-up, our technical experts guide you through everything you need to implement your cloud architecture.

  • Device management. We’ll source and configure your hardware and software, so they’re optimised to deliver a seamless cloud user experience.
  • Fine-tuning server performance. With efficient data storage and optimised resource utilisation, our solutions enhance the efficiency and scalability of your system.
  • Personalised virtualisation strategies. We’ll help you streamline data centre management and optimise how resources are allocated to reduce infrastructure costs and add scalability.
  • Hybrid cloud solutions. We combine on-premises infrastructure with the cloud platform to create a cohesive hybrid environment.

ARO works with hundreds of organisations to optimise their infrastructure – some of which have 50,000+ users and infrastructure services operating across hundreds of sites.”

Infrastructure. Only better.


Navigating technological complexities

Our networking solutions are highly customised and designed specifically to deliver the cloud performance your business needs.


Bolt on infrastructure management

As well as implementing your infrastructure technology, we can also provide ongoing monitoring and support for your infrastructure. 


Comprehensive defence against cyber threats

A personalised security configuration provides the peace of mind of proactive threat monitoring and responsive support. 

Impact where it matters

Reduce pressure on your IT team

An expertly constructed cloud infrastructure demands less upkeep and effort from your IT team.

Scale on demand

When there’s an influx of data traffic, you can quickly scale up to meet the upsurge in demand.

Reduce your infrastructure costs

A cloud infrastructure not only prepares you for the future, it also costs considerably less than building and operating your own data centre. 

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IT infrastructure is the components and systems that support the overall operation of IT environments within an organisation.

Cloud infrastructure is the components needed to operate and manage enterprise IT environments within a cloud computing system. Having cloud infrastructure allows users to access and utilise computing resources on-demand, without the need for extensive physical infrastructure.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure involves hosting a desktop operating system and applications on a virtual machine in a centralised data centre.

Virtualisation can benefit a business in several ways including cost savings, resource utilisation, easy scalability and disaster recovery capabilities. Plus, with fewer servers, IT teams can spend less time maintaining physical hardware and IT infrastructure.

Virtualisation reduces the need for multiple physical servers by consolidating them onto a single machine or a cluster of machines. This reduces the number of idle servers and, consequently, the overall energy consumption in a data centre.

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