Power Platform Implementation

We blend your business goals with Power Platform capability, to create a roadmap to accelerated innovation, elevated productivity and data-driven decision making.

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You don’t need to be a developer to use Power Platform’s low-code tools, but you’ll probably need expert direction to identify the most valuable use cases for your business. ARO consultants work with you to create an implementation strategy to maximise the outcomes for your business.

ARO cloud experts and developers work closely with your team to identify processes that could benefit from automation, data analysis, or app development. You can then build your Power Platform implementation process around projects that will deliver the most business value.

Defining your implementation roadmap

Power Platform empowers your people with the technology to build custom applications, analyse data, automate processes, even create virtual agents. The breadth of capability is formidable, but it also means not knowing where to start is one of the most common implementation challenges businesses come to us with. Our Power Platform consultancy adds focus, clarity, and governance to your Power Platform implementation plan.

  • Practical Power Platform implementation workshops. As well as facilitating discussions and showcasing Power Platform’s capabilities, ARO experts can also help you create prototypes of custom applications or solutions.
  • Power Platform governance. Through discussions about data integration, security, and scalability, we help you build robust controls into your Power Platform implementation framework.
  • Personalised Power Platform integration. We customise solutions to seamlessly integrate with your existing workflows.
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Before your citizen developers dive straight into innovation projects, we advise you take a step back and let ARO advisors help you assess and prioritise use cases. This is a crucial step in ensuring your Power Platform Journey is successful and secure.

Our technical expertise

Power Platform Consultancy. Only better.


Industry recognised expertise

ARO is a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Digital and App Innovation and the recipient of five Microsoft accreditations.


Experienced in scaling Power Platform environments

ARO has provided globally recognised businesses with over 52,000 users with Power Platform services. 


Highly skilled and qualified architects

Adding ARO to your Power Platform implementation team gives you access to highly skilled and qualified architects who undergo numerous examinations per year.

Impact where it matters

Streamline time-consuming manual processes

Automate repetitive tasks to reduce manual effort and improve operational efficiency. 

Accelerated innovation

Custom applications can be built quickly with minimal coding, allowing a faster response to changing business needs and opportunities.

Extract more data insight

Data from various sources can be consolidated and analysed centrally within Power Platform.

Installing Microsoft Power Platform involves accessing the Power Platform environment through the Microsoft 365 or Office 365 portal. ARO consultants can provide expert guidance on the installation process and assist in creating a tailored implementation plan. 

It is designed to integrate with a wide range of existing systems and applications, including Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and third-party services. This integration capability ensures a seamless flow of data and processes across different platforms.

Power Platform improves the efficiency of your business through automation, providing real-time insights with data analytics, and enabling the creation of custom applications tailored to your unique business processes. The features of Power Platform help to enhance collaboration and reduce development time. 

Power Apps are designed to be low-code or no-code platforms which means users can create custom applications without extensive coding knowledge. 

The timeframe will depend on the specific requirements and goals of the organisation. ARO consultants work closely with clients to assess business needs and customise their implementation plans.  

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