On Premise Infrastructure

ARO’s consultative approach to resolving your on-premises challenges, produces highly customised solutions that deliver superior cloud computing performance.

When your cloud strategy demands custom hardware and business-specific procedures, ARO designs and deploys purpose-built on-premises systems to achieve the precise performance you need.

We know how to set up on-premises configuration to ensure your cloud services are always available, always compliant and work seamlessly alongside any public cloud environments. From selecting and procuring the hardware best aligned to your workload and business requirements, to implementing, managing, and supporting your on-premises infrastructure.

A purpose-built, on-premises setup

We’ll work with you to understand the needs of your business and the on-premises servers, storage and networks you need to support your ambitions. With a thorough understanding of your business, workloads, and technology, we can customise on-premises solutions and guide your through a seamless deployment.  

  • Solution design. We help you navigate the extensive directory of customisation options.
  • Enhanced performance. We configure on-premises systems to make sure your data, applications, and infrastructure are secure and available at the speed you need.
  • Seamless deployment. We leverage our technical expertise and alliances with top technology vendors to deliver a seamless on-premises configuration management.
  • Efficient data flow. We integrate on-premises components with existing systems and applications to deliver a seamless, hybrid cloud experience.
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Whether you’re setting up a private cloud or need a data gateway to connect a hybrid cloud set-up – ARO consultants configure your on-premises servers, storage, and networking to bring your vision for cloud computing to life.

Our technical expertise

On-Premises Configuration. Only better.


Elevating performance

We configure on-premises systems to offer reliability and security, but also with the agility to accommodate changing business requirements and technological advancements.


Flawless execution

Our deep technical knowledge ensures on-premises configurations are executed flawlessly, minimising potential issues and maximising performance. 


Broad expertise

Everything from on-premises server configuration to the hardware needed to support networking, software, and security.

Impact where it matters. 

A controlled environment for sensitive assets

With on-premises solutions, you don’t need to worry about business-critical data leaving your business.

Meeting compliance standards

On-premises can be helpful for regulatory compliance, especially single-tenancy requirements.

Tailored solutions

Everything is designed to align to your business goals – from your on-premises network configuration to your servers and storage solutions.

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