Network & Wireless Services

As the demands on your network multiply, we make sure the connectivity underpinning your cloud services, applications and platforms is fast, reliable, and secure.

Your network is a key enabler for your cloud computing ambitions. Pairing your cloud-based technology, with an ARO-designed custom network and wireless infrastructure provides critical stability and resilience across your platforms and operations.

As your cloud operations grow and expand, pressures pile onto your network. Our advice – don’t leave it until your cloud applications crash and your services become intermittent to find network and wireless services. With ARO on board you can ensure you always stay one step ahead of a connectivity crisis.

Unlock your networking power

By working with ARO to get your network and wireless infrastructure right, you gain the bandwidth to keep up with the non-stop data traffic generated by cloud computing. And with uninterrupted access to your cloud platforms and wireless technology secured, your people work more efficiently and effectively.

  • Network assessments. We assess how your existing infrastructure measures up against your business needs, identifying performance gaps and potential causes of sub-optimal performance.
  • Tailored solutions. We use the outcomes of the assessment to evaluate your network and wireless connectivity options and identify a solution that will best support your needs.
  • Scalable solutions. We scale your network and wireless infrastructure as needed, accommodating evolving demands and changes in technology requirements.
  • Expert troubleshooting and support. We’re on hand to promptly address your network and wireless performance issues and wireless connectivity challenges 
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We work alongside the top network vendors – Aruba, Extreme Networks and SonicWall. This gives you access to cutting edge solutions, which we configure to deliver uninterrupted connectivity, optimised data transfer, and enhanced communication capabilities for your business.

Our technical expertise

Network and wireless service. Only better.


Best-in class network and wireless connectivity options

We leverage the cutting-edge capabilities of Aruba, SonicWall, and Extreme Networks to deliver high performing network and wireless services.


Delivering business critical connectivity

Our clients include blue light services – for these operations, constant access to cloud platforms, data and communications channels is critical.


Large scale network capability

We provide network and wireless services to organisations with more 40,000 users and networks across 300 sites. 

Impact where it matters

Seamless integrations

Supports a synchronised flow of data traffic across your platforms and applications.

Enhanced cloud performance

A robust network unlocks peak performance from your cloud technology and services.  

Enabling greater agility

Building in network agility allows for rapid business growth and more adaptability to business needs.

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