Cloud Migration

We build and deliver cloud migrations that reduce the time, risk, and cost of moving your data and workloads to the cloud.


You want your move to the cloud to be fast, secure, without downtime or lost data. With our experience-honed cloud migration best practices, ARO makes this happen.

If you’re timeline to migrate to the cloud is tight, ARO experts can help speed up the process by taking over the heavy lifting. Everything from assessing your goals and verifying your cloud migration strategy, to moving data, applications and services and optimising configurations.

Delivering your cloud-first ambitions
Cloud migration is now a priority for any business that’s serious about digital transformation. But not all IT teams have the capacity and expertise to lead the transition, let alone achieve it at speed. Appointing ARO dramatically improves your odds of a successful cloud migration – that’s a transition to the cloud that’s delivered on time, within scope and with all cloud migration challenges and risks mitigated and managed.

  • Robust cloud migration planning. Before we start the migration process, we assess your current situation, consider your priorities, and evaluate your cloud readiness.
  • A customised cloud migration framework. We customise your cloud migration strategy so it’s aligned with your goals.
  • A robust cloud migration framework. We help you harness the full potential of cloud resources while minimising disruptions and preventing data loss. 
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We apply our years of experience to help you plan how to migrate to the cloud – from refining your strategy, to mitigating cloud migration risks and keeping track of your cloud migration checklist.

Our Technical Expertise

Cloud Migration. Only better.


Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner for Infrastructure Azure

Our accreditation reflects our commitment to training and a proven capability to accelerate migration of workloads to Microsoft Azure.


Cross-sector expertise

We’ve supported the UK’s leading banks and law firms with their cloud migration projects.


Support throughout the migration cycle

Our experts carry out meticulous planning, seamless execution, and provide a range of post-migration support and training.

Impact where it matters. 

Accelerate time to value

With ARO support and guidance, you start experiencing the benefits of cloud migration faster.

Becoming cloud-first

With the UK government urging all organisations to adopt a cloud-first strategy, moving to the cloud is a priority for all.

Stay competitive

A transition to the cloud leads to improved operational flexibility, reduced infrastructure costs, and increased innovation capabilities.

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