Backup & Disaster Recovery

With an ARO backup and disaster recovery strategy, you’re prepared to regain control swiftly in the event of an unplanned disruption or cyber incident.

As you transition more of your workloads to the cloud, the importance of data backup and disaster recovery increases. Because when the worst happens, you need to know your business can get up and running again swiftly and your data is protected. ARO empowers you with this confidence.

Malicious cyber attacks, accidental data leaks, file corruption, flood and fires – with an ARO backup and disaster recovery strategy, your files and assets remain secure, available, and protected, regardless of the nature of the disruption.

From design to deployment

From meticulous data protection strategies to robust backup solutions and comprehensive disaster recovery services – ARO covers all bases. And when it comes to deployment, we’ll show you how to implement a backup and disaster recovery plan to protect your business against a wide range of potential damage and disruption.

  • A fully supported approach. We offer ongoing support, monitoring, and proactive management to ensure data availability and business continuity.
  • A cost-conscious approach. We help businesses achieve robust data protection without incurring excessive costs.
  • Customised for compliance. Our strategies are aligned with your organisation’s unique requirements and regulatory obligations. 
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We minimise the impact of unplanned downtime and outages by putting the right technology and services in place to prevent data loss and enable rapid data recovery. Our ability to deliver robust business continuity is why businesses come to ARO to find a solution for backup and disaster recovery.

Our technical expertise

Backup & Disaster Recovery. Only better.


Tailormade disaster recovery architecture

First, we understand your DR expectations and priorities, then we identify the best-fit disaster recovery software solutions for your business.


State-of-the-art technology

We work with top cloud disaster recovery technology vendors to deliver a secure and reliable backup and fast data recovery.


Comprehensive disaster recovery management

Our solutions combine advanced cloud disaster recovery technology and years of business continuity expertise.

Impact where it matters.

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Reducing business interruption

Rapid data recovery means any disruption to your business operations is minimised.

Preventing data loss

Scheduled backups reduces the likelihood of losing in-use files and data in the event of disruption.

Safeguarding your reputation

Mitigate the risk of financial loss and reputational damage following downtime or a security incident.

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