By proactively managing the quality of your SD-WAN, ARO mitigates the risk of downtime and gives you the confidence of reliable, high-quality connectivity.

When your employees open a document from the cloud or send an email, you can rely on ARO managed SD-WAN solutions to ensure all data is routed safely, securely, and efficiently across your various connections.

When network downtime can have costly consequences for your business, an SD-WAN (or software-defined wide area network) adds resilience to your network. SD-WAN connects your employees to applications using multiple connections. This means if one connection fails or is compromised, it won’t take your entire business offline.

Offload the day-to-day

running of the network
The problem is few IT departments have the inhouse know-how to set up an SD-WAN network or the resource for ongoing maintenance. ARO’s specialist managed service fills this gap. And with your network connectivity handled by us, your team can focus their attention on other business critical tasks.

  • Expertly configured SD-WAN architecture. Your network is designed by ARO engineers to route your data safely, securely, and efficiently across various connections
  • Rapid SD-WAN deployment. ARO experts know how to deploy your SD-WAN quickly, so you experience the cost-savings and other benefits faster.
  • SD-WAN optimisation. We monitor, manage and maintain your SD-WAN architecture centrally, so your online activities always run flawlessly.  

What ARO clients quickly learn about SD-WAN technology is that as well as providing extra layers of network resilience and security, it also makes it much easier to adapt your networks as your needs change.”

Our technical expertise

SD-WAN. Only better.


Maximise your SD-WAN benefits

Gain access to a team of connectivity professionals that know the best ways to amplify the benefits of using SD-WAN in your network.


24-hour SD-WAN management

Our locally staffed Network Operations Centre (NOC) is on-call to assist with rapid troubleshooting and to keep your network running smoothly.


Customisable service levels

For example, co-management is an option. We can change application routing to support the level of self-service you want to retain.

Impact where it matters

More bandwidth for growth

An 80% increase in bandwidth efficiency adds flexibility and scalability to your networks. 

Enhanced network performance

An 83% improvement in network performance improves your traffic flow and prevents network downtime.

Cost effective connectivity

70% of SD-WAN adopters see an average 70% ROI in three years and 100% SD-WAN ROI in five years.

SD-WAN, or Software-Defined Wide Area Networking, is a technology that enhances the performance and management of a wide area network (WAN) by utilising software-defined networking principles. It allows organisations to efficiently connect and manage various network resources across geographically dispersed locations.

SD-WAN provides WAN simplification, lower costs, bandwidth efficiency and a seamless on-ramp to the cloud with significant application performance without sacrificing security and data privacy.

SD-WAN uses a combination of private and public connections, including broadband internet, to transmit data whereas MPLS, rely on a private network infrastructure.

SD-WAN uses software and virtualisation to intelligently route and prioritise network traffic.

SD-WAN solutions can vary in terms of features, deployment models, and the underlying technologies used. Different vendors may offer unique capabilities, and organisations should assess their specific requirements to choose an SD-WAN solution that aligns with their business needs.

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