Microsoft Security Operations Centre

A highly customised security hub managed by ARO experts to continuously monitor and analyse cyber threats and, if needed, rapidly recover your security posture.

Mistakes, false positives, and missing threats can have costly consequences. An ARO-managed Microsoft security operations centre (SOC) ensures the integrity of your security operations is always intact and optimised.

With our Microsoft SOC solution, we provide a fully managed and integrated stack of cloud security technologies that help you centrally monitor cyber risks, detect potential breaches, and deliver quick and effective security incident analysis.

Optimising your security

To get the best performance from your digital security operations, your team not only needs to understand the role of a SOC in cybersecurity, it also must be big enough to guarantee 24/7 coverage. A managed service partnership with ARO ensures you have the right level of support and vigilance.

  • Full protection. Our SOC service protects your entire cloud ecosystem – from detecting a threat to your Azure platform to implementing an update to Sentinel.
  • Advanced threat detection technologies. We leverage emerging technology and AI to spot potential breaches, analyse variances and optimise your security incident escalation process.
  • 24/7 security monitoring. Continuous monitoring and security incident tracking allows your ARO SOC team to prevent and respond to cyber security incidents in real-time.
  • Rapid security incident response. Our dedicated team of security analysts can analyse, contain, and mitigate your security incidents in real-time. 

What our clients learn about Microsoft’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) is amazing tools now exist to navigate cyber threats but also that optimising this technology is complex and relies on continuous support. ARO’s managed service provides this combination of specialist resource and expertise.”

Our technical expertise

Microsoft SOC. Only better.


24/7 monitoring, detection, and response

Real-time monitoring of security events and incidents across your entire cloud ecosystem.


Better system set up and integration

We provide personalised guidance as you explore Microsoft’s approach to security and how their SOC operates.


Effective security incident mitigation

Our dedicated team quickly analyse, contain, and assess cyber threats to deliver rapid security incident resolution.

Impact where it matters

Amplifying operational resilience

Proactively detecting and managing threats to your cloud operations reduces disruption and downtime.

Mitigating reputational and financial risks

A managed Microsoft SOC mitigates the risk of financial and reputational damage from data loss.

Compliance adherence

Adding resilience to your cloud infrastructure ensures your data and communications are compliant and secure.

A SOC is a centralised unit responsible for monitoring and managing an organisation’s security posture.

The SOC continuously monitors networks, applications, and systems for suspicious activities, uses threat intelligence to stay ahead of emerging risks, and responds promptly to security incidents.

Having a dedicated SOC provides organisations with many benefits such as centralised visibility, continuous network monitoring, reduced cybersecurity costs, and better collaboration for the IT teams within an organisation.

A Security Operations Centre uses a combination of IT security and operations to identify, assess, and respond to security threats. ARO’s SOC team collaborates with clients to tailor security measures and conduct regular assessments.

Having a SOC helps to limit the damage to an organisation by detecting and responding to cyber attacks that have passed initial security controls. The 24/7 surveillance that a SOC provides enables organisations to respond to incidents quickly before they cause harm.

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