Microsoft Licensing

We curate your portfolio of Microsoft licenses so that it’s perfectly aligned with your business needs and budget.

Neglect your license pool and you could quickly find your ROI shrinking. In an ever-evolving licensing landscape, ARO guides you on how to obtain Microsoft licenses that deliver cost optimisation, compliance, and optimal user experience.

Hidden costs, product name changes, complex licensing options, penalties for non-compliance – understanding volume licensing for Microsoft products can be confusing. If you’re struggling to make sense of all the information on Microsoft licensing, ARO’s personalised, ongoing guidance will ensure license compliance and amplify the ROI you achieve from your Microsoft portfolio.

Next level licensing

Selecting the most relevant and cost-effective Microsoft license agreement for your business takes time and effort. With the help of our licensing support professionals, you can adapt agreements to changes in user volumes, make sure you have access to the applications and features you need, and avoid the pitfalls of non-compliance and unused licenses

  • Efficient license management. We assess the various license metrics and match them against the size of your user community and software needs to optimise your Microsoft license usage.
  • More flexibility and wider use options. Using Software Assurance and Licensing Mobility we help you to adapt agreements as your business changes, so you’re always getting optimal value from your Microsoft software investments.
  • License compliance audits. We maintain accurate records and regularly review licensing documentation, so you’re prepared in the event of a software audit. 

Are you paying inflated fees for underutilised and inactive licenses? Maybe you’re preparing for a license renewal? Or facing a license audit? We can help you navigate the complexity of Microsoft volume licensing to achieve better performance from your Microsoft agreements.”

Our technical expertise

Microsoft licensing. Only better.


A Microsoft Solutions Partner

We not only understand Microsoft products, we also bring deep expertise in navigating the complexities of their license terms.


Right sizing your licenses

We’ll rationalise a chaotic collection of conflicting license types into a more coherent and cost-effective portfolio.


Personalised guidance

We use tools such as Software Assurance to continuously evolve your licenses and Microsoft product stack.

Impact where it matters

More control over license costs

Regularly reviewing your Microsoft licensing avoids the unnecessary costs of underutilised licenses. 

Primed for software audits

With the necessary compliance documentation and records in place, you avoid non-compliance penalties.

Enhanced productivity and innovation

With proactive licensing management, you can allocate software resources across your business more effectively.

Microsoft Licensing outlines the permissions, restrictions, and conditions under which individuals or organisations can use Microsoft products legally.

This depends on the specific terms and conditions outlined in the licensing agreement. In some cases, licenses may be transferable, but licensing terms must be reviewed for each product to determine the transferability rights.

Microsoft Volume Licensing is a program that allows businesses to buy multiple software licenses at once. This is often cheaper than purchasing individual licenses.  

Microsoft licensing gives you access to the latest software updates, compliance with legal requirements, technical support options, and the ability to scale licensing to match the organisation’s requirements.

A license is usually required for each installation of Microsoft software. Each user or device that accesses or uses the software typically needs a valid and appropriately licensed copy, unless the licensing agreement states otherwise.

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