Managed IT Support

With your technology infrastructure operating at peak performance, you achieve your IT ambitions faster.

Whether you need wide ranging IT infrastructure management, helpdesk support or targeted assistance for IT security management – we curate our managed services to fully support your needs and the skills challenges you’re tackling. 

Updates to infrastructure, security threats, an increasing catalogue of cloud collaboration apps and services – IT support services are now too complex and time-consuming for most IT teams to navigate alone. With ARO, you not only get professional IT support for your business, you also gain a proactive partner in your digital transformation journey.

Get more from the cloud

ARO’s highly trained cloud computing professionals quickly become an extension of your team, providing ongoing monitoring, IT maintenance, troubleshooting, and strategic guidance. This ensures your cloud technology infrastructure remains optimised, connected and responsive to your users’ needs.

  • IT asset management. We monitor systems, networks, and devices, identifying potential issues before they impact operations.
  • Rapid IT troubleshooting. With responsive technical support, issues are resolved faster, increasing your productivity by preventing avoidable downtime.
  • IT consulting. We help you to develop IT roadmaps aligned to your long-term goals. This includes advice on technology investments, upgrades, and innovations.

If your IT team is stretched to its limits but full IT outsourcing feels a step too far, the logical next step is to find a company that offers managed IT support services. ARO is that company.”

Our technical expertise

Managed IT Support. Only better.


We do the firefighting

ARO takes over routine tasks and distractions, so your team can focus on higher value IT activities. 


Dedicated IT support professionals

Our team is highly experienced and holds accreditations with multiple cloud technology vendors.


Personalised IT support

To identify which parts of your IT support function to hand over to ARO, we dissect your challenges and delve into your goals

Impact where it matters

Frictionless IT operations

Enhanced technology performance and reliability leads to reduced downtime and improved productivity.

No additional headcount costs

An alternative to the time and expense of recruiting specialists or upskilling existing employees.

More effective inhouse teams

Prevents your IT team becoming over-stretched and overwhelmed by routine tasks.

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