Managed Cyber Security

ARO is a managed service provider for many of the world’s leading security technologies, offering award-winning cyber security solutions, delivered by expert technicians.

ARO’s managed cyber security solutions grant you full access to our market-leading approaches, built from the experience of delivering cybersecurity management for more than 500,000 business users. 

ARO’s comprehensive range of cyber security services for businesses help you navigate an increasingly complex landscape of cyber threats and data breaches. Whether you’re looking to ramp up your security protocols following a data breach, need on-going support with vulnerability management, advice on security compliance or a tech-enabled alternative to a cumbersome manual approach to security incident handling.

State of the art technology, enhanced by expert management
Our cyber managed service is delivered by highly trained technicians with expertise in many of the world’s leading security monitoring technologies. We also have awards and accreditation from numerous technology partners, including Microsoft, Dell, Barracuda and SonicWall.

  • A complete cyber security service. ARO’s managed IT security solutions provide complete wraparound protection and security incident management.  
  • Security assessment. With regular health checks and a robust approach to security incident investigation, we adapt your cybersecurity approach to changes in your threat landscape.
  • Experienced IT security provider. ARO delivers cybersecurity management for more than 500,000 business users. 
  • Highly trained technicians. ARO’s experts are trained on the most up-to-date security threats and how to optimise cybersecurity technology to combat them.
Failing to understand Microsoft 365 security threats can be disastrous for a business

ARO clients find managed cyber security services give them better visibility of their vulnerabilities, so they’re prepared to respond faster and more effectively to a cyber-attack.

Our technical expertise

Managed Cyber Security. Only better.


A Microsoft Solutions Partner

We meet the strict requirements set by Microsoft in multiple areas: Modern Work, Infrastructure, Digital & App Innovation, Business Applications, Security, and Data & AI. 


Award-winning managed cyber security provider

We’re one of the UK’s two SonicWall SecureFirst Platinum Partners and the recipient of
Barracuda’s EMEA Partner of the Year 2022, UK Partner of the Year 2020, and EMEA Partner of the Year 2019.


A Dell Technologies Platinum Partner

Our highly trained technical experts can advise you on every element of planning, implementing, and supporting your Dell Technologies solutions. 

Impact where it matters

Strengthen your weak spots

90% of cyber attacks begin with an email. It’s critical to cover these more common sources of threat.

Avoid financial loss

The average cost of a data breach is £3.42m. Missing or mishandling threats has costly consequences.

Improved productivity

61.5% of business still use manual processes. Underuse of technology can be a drain on productivity.

Managed cybersecurity is outsourcing cybersecurity responsibilities to a third-party service provider. This provider is responsible for monitoring, managing, and enhancing an organisation’s security posture to protect against cyber threats.

The main benefits include enhanced security, proactive threat detection, reduced operational burden on internal teams, access to advanced technologies, and the ability to scale security measures according to business needs.

With the increasing complexity of cyber attacks, having dedicated experts to manage and respond to cybersecurity incidents is crucial for maintaining a secure and resilient digital environment.

Traditional cybersecurity involves in-house management of security measures, while managed cybersecurity outsources these tasks to a dedicated service provider. Managed services often provide more comprehensive and up-to-date protection.

Understanding the importance of cybersecurity Is key to navigate the threat landscape safely. Cyberthreats can significantly impact businesses and individuals around the world. By prioritising cybersecurity, businesses can minimise the risk of disruption from data breaches, financial loss, or reputational damage.

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