Managed Azure Services

Scalable services, rapid innovation, enhanced security – we provide the time, expertise, and resource to unlock the full potential of your Azure cloud environment.

While many organisations today are transitioning to Azure cloud solutions, only a small proportion have the inhouse expertise to implement them to the highest level of maturity. Our managed Azure services fulfil this need by giving you ongoing access to cloud technology experts that understand your business.

Unused functionality, missed updates, failure to resolve issues – depending on an over-stretched inhouse IT team to maintain your Microsoft Azure systems could mean you end up with a poorly optimised system that barely scratches the surface of what it’s capable of. Our Azure support plans make sure this doesn’t happen.

Right-sizing your Azure footprint

A key benefit of Azure is you can increase or decrease its footprint to mould it to your business’ needs. Scale up (or down) users, add new features, finetune integrations, upgrade your encryption – as part of our Azure managed service, we architect the application to meet your changing needs and deliver higher performance.

  • Do more with less. You get managed support for Azure services from Microsoft experts who know how to unlock additional functionality, cost efficiency, and security.
  • Flexible Azure support plans. Full system outsourcing or extra support for your team – you select the level of managed service you need.
  • Protection for your cloud environment. As part of our Azure support SLA, we perform regular updates, patches, and maintenance tasks.
  • Continuous monitoring. As an Azure managed services client, you benefit from peace of mind that potential issues will be picked up and dealt with early.

With ARO on board to help with your Azure migration and then continue to manage it, you get the benefits of a cloud platform while also empowering your inhouse IT resource with time to continue to pursue other strategic priorities.”

Our technical expertise

Managed Azure Support. Only better.


Proactive protection for your Cloud environment

Because we work with Azure day-in, day-out, we spot potential issues early and take proactive action to reduce disruption.


Experienced cloud support provider

FTSE 100 companies, law firms and UK television networks – ARO manages Azure environments for a number of large UK organisations.


Microsoft Solutions Partner

As a Microsoft partner, you can count on us to provide high quality advice, delivered by a highly trained Azure support engineer.

Impact where it matters

Optimise inhouse IT capacity

With your Azure in our hands, you gain more capacity to focus on other strategic initiatives.

Maximising ROI on cloud spend

Better use of Azure uncovers new opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Rapid troubleshooting

Send us an Azure support ticket and it will be resolved promptly without having to divert your IT resource from other tasks.

Managed Azure Support is a service provided by ARO to help businesses optimise and manage their Azure cloud infrastructure. It includes technical support, monitoring, and other services to ensure the smooth operation of Azure resources.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that provides a wide range of services, including computing power, storage, networking, databases, and more. Users can leverage Azure to build, deploy, and manage applications and services globally. Azure operates through a network of data centers around the world, offering scalability, flexibility, and the ability to run applications in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Users can access Azure services through a web-based portal, command-line interface, or various application programming interfaces (APIs). 

While Azure is a Microsoft product, it is not limited to Microsoft technologies only. Azure supports a variety of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, databases, and devices, including both Microsoft and non-Microsoft environments. This flexibility allows users to deploy and run a diverse range of applications and services, making Azure suitable for a broad spectrum of IT ecosystems. 

Microsoft Azure is a global cloud platform with a presence in multiple regions worldwide. Azure operates in numerous data centers strategically located in various countries and regions. This global infrastructure ensures low-latency access to services, data redundancy, and compliance with local regulations. 

Microsoft Azure is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing on-premises infrastructure. ARO provides services to help organisations integrate Azure with their existing systems. 

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