Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Disasters are impossible to predict. But with a fully supported ARO cloud disaster recovery system, we take every step to minimise the damage they inflict.

Cyber-crime, power outages, hardware malfunction, fires and flooding – should the worst happen, our DRaaS solutions make sure your backup and recovery is covered. So, your business can get up and running again swiftly and your data is protected.

Fortunately, hiring a full-time disaster recovery specialist or building a datacentre are no longer your only options. ARO offers a cloud-based disaster recovery process that’s not only comprehensive, but offers the flexibility and scalability needed by businesses today.

It’s about being prepared for the unexpected

From careful planning and implementation of cloud-based replication to frequent disaster recovery testing and ongoing monitoring – our disaster recovery services ensure you’re prepared to regain control swiftly in the event of an unplanned disruption or cyber incident.

  • Outcome focused. This means preventing downtime, enabling swift data recovery, and rapidly restoring business continuity.
  • Cloud-based disaster recovery technology. Replicating infrastructure and applications to the cloud enables faster and more comprehensive backup and recovery of critical data.
  • Scenario planning. We’ll plan alternative service options should your original service be out of action for a prolonged period of time. 
  • A fully managed disaster recovery implementation. Giving you peace of mind that all critical data and digital assets are protected, secure and fully recoverable.

Our technical expertise

Disaster Recovery as a Service. Only better.


Tailormade disaster recovery architecture

First, we understand your DR expectations and priorities, then we identify the best-fit disaster recovery software solutions for your business.


State-of-the-art technology

We work with top cloud disaster recovery technology vendors to deliver a secure and reliable backup and fast data recovery.


Comprehensive disaster recovery management

Our solutions combine advanced cloud disaster recover technology and years of business continuity expertise.

Impact where it matters

Damage limitation

Maintain customer trust, meet regulatory requirements, and mitigate financial and reputational risks.

Maintaining service levels

Restore customer service levels faster following an unplanned disruption or incident. 

Protecting your data

Automated backup reduces the likelihood of losing in-use files and data in the event of disruption.  

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a cloud-based solution that helps organisations recover IT systems and data whenever disasters or disruptive incidents occur.

The three types of disaster recovery are on-premise disaster recovery, cloud-based disaster recovery, and hybrid disaster recovery.

DRaaS works by replicating critical IT systems and data to the cloud. In case of a disaster, organisations are able to quickly transition operations to the cloud, minimising downtime.

Unlike traditional methods that may involve manual and complex processes, DRaaS uses automates many recovery aspects. It also uses cloud technology, eliminating the need for extensive on-premise infrastructure.

DRaaS automates the recovery process, meaning a quick response to disasters and reduces the burden on internal IT teams. The subscription-based model also removes significant upfront investments in infrastructure.

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