Backup as a Service

ARO’s secure cloud backup service delivers the highest levels security, availability and ease of recovery for your critical data assets, minimising risks and costs while ensuring business continuity.

Data is the lifeblood of business. And yet for many companies, secure backup and recovery still present challenges, with 60% of backups incomplete and half of data restores failing. Which is why hundreds of businesses are turning to ARO for support with secure, scalable backup, ensuring data resilience without the need to invest in in-house backup infrastructure.

Cloud backup experts

Working with us you’ll benefit from the peace of mind that your data backups will be securely stored and available 24/7, with proactive support and tailored configurations that support your specific processes and data needs.

  • Constant monitoring. Our 24/7 operations centre proactively monitors security and backup allowing your team to focus their time on creating value
  • Rapid Recovery. High availability and efficient recovery of user data ensures business continuity after an outage.
  • Fully managed. System updates can be managed by ARO to avoid local resource challenges or user interruptions

ARO’s data protection, backup and recovery services offer seamless integration, rapid automation, and secure dual-location infrastructure. So you can be confident of high availability and rapid recovery at all times to protect your business from data loss.

Our technical expertise

Backup as a Service. Only better.


Secure UK-based infrastructure

Our wholly owned UK data centres are connected via secure high bandwidth, low latency network


Cost-efficient solutions

Our backup and recovery service delivery model is designed with business value at the core.


Scale on demand

Our Cloud-flex service allows you to scale your service quickly and easily with no additional infrastructure.

Impact where it matters

Optimise costs

More cost-efficient than building and maintaining in-house infrastructure and resource.

Minimise risk

24/7 security and availability monitoring ensures full time protection against data loss.

Maximise value

Free up your people to focus on core business operations.

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