365 Backup as a Service

Our bespoke backup services protect your 365 data from deletion, corruption, malware and other threats.

ARO’s backup solutions for businesses offer a secure and automated way to capture Microsoft 365 data and track data modifications at regular intervals. This minimises the impact of unplanned downtime and outages by safeguarding against data loss and enabling faster data recovery.

Microsoft 365 itself offers limited protection against accidental deletions and data loss following cyber-attacks. Alone it isn’t a sufficient backup strategy. As a result, businesses come to ARO to find a reliable backup service that adds robustness to their disaster recovery plans.

Beyond data backup

What makes ARO different to other data backup service providers is our offering isn’t limited to setting up automations. We also implement Microsoft security updates and proactively assess and manage threats to your cloud infrastructure. In other words, we also help you to mitigate the risk of incidents and downtime happening in the first place.

  • A comprehensive 365 backup service. We cover everything from automated backup software to secure cloud data storage and rigorous Microsoft compliance.
  • Minimising business interruption. Our processes allow you to rapidly restore your 365 files and applications.
  • Minimising data loss. Automated back-up of 365 data and assets at regular intervals significantly reduces the likelihood of losing in-use files and data.   

Ransomware attacks, unintentional deletions, database corruption – when you backup your data with a professional service provider, like ARO, your 365 applications and files remain secure, available, and protected, regardless of the nature of the disruption.”

Our technical expertise

365 Backup as a Service. Only better.


More than 365 backup

You not only get assistance with backing up your files and data, we also review and optimise your security and Microsoft license usage.


22 years as a top tier Microsoft partner

Our 365 backup solutions are grounded in knowledge gained from 20+ years of implementing and managing Microsoft platforms.


Large scale back up and restore capability

ARO provides backup services for 250,000+ end users. We can support large organisations with widely distributed data.

Impact where it matters

Freeing up capacity

Backups happen with little to no input from you, allowing your IT team to focus on other critical tasks. 

Minimising disruption

The speed of data recovery means any disruption to your business operations is minimised.

Preventing financial loss

365 back-up services are critical to mitigate the risk of financial and reputational damage from data loss.

365 Backup is a solution designed to backup and protect data within Microsoft 365.

Backing up Microsoft 365 data provides a layer of protection, allowing organisations to recover critical information and maintain business continuity.

365 Backup regularly and securely copies Microsoft 365 data to a separate, independent storage location. This means that if data loss or corruption does happen, organisations are able to restore the backed-up data to its original state.

365 back up not only ensures data resilience by providing a backup copy but it also facilitates quick recovery of critical information.

Microsoft’s shared responsibility divides responsibilities between Microsoft and the customers using Microsoft 365 services. While Microsoft ensures the security and availability of the infrastructure, customers are responsible for protecting their data within the Microsoft 365 environment.

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