Secure+ for Microsoft 365

Secure+ delivers a unified suite of proactive services through six vital elements, fortifying and optimising your Microsoft 365 environment for sustained security, compliance, cost optimisation and operational excellence.

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Secure+ for Microsoft 365

Secure+ for Microsoft 365 ensures continuous monitoring of configurations, optimisation of licenses, regular health assessments and vigilant security oversight across your whole Microsoft 365 environment.

By embracing Secure+ for Microsoft 365, organisations benefit from a strategic blend of proactive measures and meticulous management, fortifying their Microsoft landscape against vulnerabilities, ensuring compliance, optimising cost and fostering a resilient digital infrastructure for sustained operational excellence.

Secure+ for Microsoft 365 offers a proactive and comprehensive solution, encompassing six essential elements:

  • Baseline Monitoring
  • Quarterly Updates
  • Tenant Housekeeping
  • License Management
  • Health Checks
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
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Secure+ Baseline Updates

69% of businesses do not apply software security updates within the recommended 14 days.

Quarterly Baseline Updates offer a strategic approach to maintaining the robustness, security, and efficiency of your Microsoft 365 environment.

The digital landscape constantly evolves, introducing new security threats, performance enhancements, and operational efficiencies. Quarterly Baseline Updates are designed to keep your Microsoft 365 Environment aligned with these advancements. They encompass essential updates to configurations, policies and settings, ensuring they remain in sync with the latest best practices and security protocols.

Secure+ Baseline Monitoring

Only 1 in 3 security breaches are identified by a business’ own security team or tools.

Baseline Monitoring serves as the backbone for maintaining the optimal security and compliance of your Microsoft 365 environment.

It establishes a reference point for the ideal configuration and behaviours of your Microsoft 365 environment, and then continuously observes and evaluates the environment against this established baseline. It scrutinises key parameters, settings and configurations, identifying any deviations or anomalies from the standard expected configuration.

Secure+ Health Check

62% of businesses spend up to 7 hours tracking and analysing regulatory compliance developments each week.

Microsoft Health Check is an ongoing, comprehensive evaluation and diagnostic process designed to assess the overall health, performance and security of your Microsoft 365 environment. It serves as a proactive measure to ensure that your environment and configurations are optimised and operating at their peak efficiency and security.

This evaluation involves a systematic analysis of various facets of your Microsoft 365 ecosystem, including security settings and configurations. The goal is to identify potential vulnerabilities, inefficiencies, or areas that require improvement within the environment.

Secure+ Tenant Housekeeping

The average time to contain an insider threat incident is 85 days.

Tenant Housekeeping entails the meticulous maintenance and organisation of your Microsoft 365 identities, configurations and settings. This includes the ongoing management of outdated users and devices within the tenancy.

Much like maintaining a well-organised physical workspace, Tenancy Housekeeping ensures the digital tenant remains efficient, optimised and secure. This process involves regular checks and actions to tidy up and streamline your Microsoft 365 environment, removing redundant, outdated or unnecessary users and devices and associated assets where applicable.

Secure+ Licence Management

54% of Microsoft 365 licenses are inactive, underutilised, oversized or unassigned. Moreover, nearly 60% of organisations reportedly overspend on software licenses, either by purchasing more licenses than needed or acquiring licenses with features that surpass their actual requirements.

License Management provides the systematic oversight and optimisation of your organisation’s Microsoft 365 licenses. It involves the strategic monitoring and notification of these licenses to ensure cost efficiency, compliance and optimal utilisation across your Microsoft 365 environment.

Effective Microsoft 365 License Management aims to mitigate these challenges by conducting regular audits, aligning licenses with actual usage patterns, and by informing you of the optimal license allocation based on organisational needs. This involves tracking license usage, identifying inactive or underutilised licenses, and reallocating resources to maximise value and reduce unnecessary expenses.

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79% of businesses do not have a formal incident response plan in place.

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) collects information from all over your Microsoft 365 estate, utilising this information to detect unusual activity that might indicate a cyber threat, allowing teams to swiftly react and respond to any unusual activity. The SIEM can also learn from previous events by leveraging Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to further enhance organisational security.

By consolidating this wealth of information into a centralised platform, SIEM enables ARO’s security team to detect and respond to potential threats swiftly. It identifies suspicious patterns, anomalies, or potential breaches by correlating data from multiple sources, providing a comprehensive view of your organisation’s security posture.

SIEM doesn’t just stop at detection either; it empowers users with actionable insights and automated responses, assisting with incident response and compliance adherence.

The Ongoing Journey

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With Secure+ for Microsoft 365, your journey towards a fortified, optimised Microsoft 365 environment isn’t a destination – it’s an ongoing pursuit of excellence, driven for you by ARO, one of the UK’s leading Microsoft Centres of Excellence.

Interested in learning more about Secure+ for Microsoft 365 and how it can help you manage and secure your Microsoft 365 environment?

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