More than the sum of its parts

As a leading business specialists across insurance, finance, and property with 160 users, the Trace Group companies oversee a lot of confidential information passing through their mailboxes. Email messages contain reams of sensitive data that could be leveraged against Trace Group, or any of their clients, by malicious cyber actors at any time.

For the group’s Senior Technical Consultant Andrew Booth, addressing these concerns was of paramount importance. He was aware that Trace Group had insufficient email security measures in place along with a backup posture that solely relied on Office 365‘s in-built archiving. Microsoft themselves recommend against relying on their O365 data backups, and instead advise users to deploy a third-party backup solution to ensure security. Andrew’s mission was to address these concerns across all of the Trace Groups companies, to keep operations running smoothly, securely, and without interruption.

Safety in layers

When looking for the correct solution, Andrew already had a clear vision of what Trace Group required. “A comprehensive and highly related product with a single management pane,” said Andrew, “and a set and forget solution that requires minimal ongoing maintenance.”

Working with ARO (formerly known as Altinet), Andrew was able to find just that. An all-in-one email security solution – Barracuda Total Email Protection – addressed each of his concerns with a multi-layered approach. Specifically, Barracuda Total Email Protection encompasses 6 essential layers of email security, each selectively tackling an aspect of cyber defence, and with automation built-in.

Layers 1-3 are threat prevention measures, designed to disarm as many inbound and outbound email threats as possible. Andrew’s backup concerns were addressed directly with Layer 4, which provides organisations such as The Trace Group with cloud-hosted data backups that sit outside of the Office 365 suite, operating independently. Layer 5 consists of automated threat response, which reduces hours long manual remediation efforts down to a few minutes worth of automated processes, requiring no input from IT teams. Layer 6 aids administrative work and covers companies against GDPR inquiries, with tamper-free archiving and rapid search tools to keep e-Discovery stress-free.

A group secured

The initial setup took less than a day,” states Andrew, explaining that Barracuda Total Email Protection gave Trace Group a full O365 backup system, “and provided huge improvement in phishing protection and phishing training.”

Not only was Andrew happy with his new solution in-place, he was also complimentary of ARO’s “top flight assistance” with the initial setup and hand-holding during the elements that Trace Group set up themselves, and the “high quality” ongoing support – with most queries dealt with in the first call.

Overall, The Trace Group have found success with their Barracuda Total Email Protection deployment. With each of their requirements met in full, Andrew can now concentrate his efforts on the other tasks at hand, safe in the knowledge that his organisation’s mailboxes and cloud data are secure.

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