About Fraserburgh Community Web

Fraserburgh Community Web is a small community-based company that has been providing fundraising support to the Fraserburgh community for a number of years. Initially, they were an Internet Café, providing the local community with access to the internet and other services. However, with the onset of lockdowns and the pandemic, they pivoted their business and transformed their premises into a craft shop. Alongside this, they also provide services such as printing and photocopying for other businesses in the area.


Previously, Fraserburgh Community Web used BT cloud as their internet and telephony provider. However, they started facing issues with billing which caused frustration and inefficiency. So, in search of a more reliable and cost-effective solution, they began exploring other options. They were also looking for a provider that could offer better customer service and support to ensure their business operations ran smoothly and efficiently.

ARO’s Solution

It was at this point that they received a recommendation from BoxPortable and got in touch with ARO. As a provider of internet, telephony, and hosted services, ARO was able to provide Fraserburgh Community Web with a comprehensive solution that met all of their needs. This included a migration from FTTC to Horizon, a cloud-based telephony solution, as well as the addition of Hosted and Internet Services.

About the solution

Horizon is a cloud-based platform that simplifies interactions across different communication channels. With a simple licensing model and no financing costs or major hardware/software purchases required, it was the ideal, cost-effective solution for Fraserburgh Community Web to help them connect with customers.


Here’s what the owner, Ian Brown, had to say: “Since moving our telephone and internet business to ARO, we have found the service very stable and satisfactory, also with increased functionality.” and “They have provided a good and reliable service and dealt with any queries promptly”.

The benefits to Fraserburgh Community Web

With ARO’s help, Fraserburgh Community Web was able to streamline their operations, improve their communication channels, and reduce costs while also improving the functionality of their internet and telephony services. The new solution not only met their current needs but also provided them with a platform for future growth and development. Fraserburgh Community Web has been extremely satisfied with the results and have continued to partner with us for over 3.5 years.