Unknown Unknowns

The dark web is a notoriously dangerous place, particularly when it comes to cyber threats. For security-minded individuals this is a well known area of concern, but most struggle to have visibility over the dark web without opening themselves up to attack. The novel threats that develop on the dark web, or unknown unknowns, are impossible to predict.

This is what UNICOL’s Michael Butterworth was contending with. As System Engineer for the UK-based AV mount manufacturers with 45 users, protecting UNICOL against account takeover threats from unknown sources on the web. UNICOL’s systems could be a targeted due to their position as a leading AV solution manufacturer in Europe. Michael was aware of the many high profile data breaches that have been making recent headlines, and wanted more visibility over the company’s breach risk.

“We were concerned about the many high profile data breaches and whether any of our company accounts had been compromised” said Michael. Fortunately, ARO (formerly known as Altinet) were able to help Michael with a tool that could give him much more insight into UNICOL’s data security posture.

Dark Web Threat Detection

Together Michael and ARO agreed that Trillion was the right solution to implement. Trillion is a comprehensive dark web threat detection platform that constantly monitors dark web for leaked corporate credentials – using a combination of machine-learning and expert analysts to track significant data dumps on criminal forums.

This strength of Trillion is what made it the ideal fit for Michael, since the platform runs automatically and delivers notifications only when necessary. “We now have a report and active alerts if any of our email addresses appear on the dark web,” said Michael. “We can then drill down into what has been found and who has been affected.”

“On a daily basis – I don’t have to think about the issue as the system keeps me informed.” Michael said. This is where the benefits of Trillion begin to speak for themselves – with five key aspects of protection that make it so effective:

Account Takeover Prevention

  1. Data Leak Detection
  2. Shadow IT Visibility
  3. Fraud Reduction
  4. User Awareness Training

Each of these aspects are built-in to the Trillion platform. Overall, the platform allows users to see threats coming from the dark web with early-warnings of any breaches of your organisation’s data. Exactly what UNICOL were looking for.

“It Just Works”

One of the benefits of Trillion is the simplicity of the platform, which requires little intervention from IT teams through their day-to-day work. In Michael’s own words: “A really easy to use system – it just works.”

Michael was impressed by Trillion’s intuitive interface too, and the support he received from the ARO team throughout the installation and implementation process. “A couple of hours, nearly all of the setup was already done by ARO and it was just a simple case of introducing me to the dashboard.”

“The process was so smooth,” continued Michael, “the engineer asked me a few questions, and it was all systems go in no time at all.”

As a cybersecurity MSP, ARO are proud of the technical support and service we offer to our customers across each of our solutions. Now, Michael and UNICOL can continue to focus on their own daily work without having to worry about unknown threats from the dark web that could harm their business.

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