About MBA group

MBA Group was established in 1989 to help companies transform the way they engage with their customers by delivering a unified approach to multichannel communications. However, to continue giving the same exceptional service, they wanted to find a consolidated mobile solution with improved cost control.


MBA Group needed to make sure they had the best commercials in the marketplace along with bill reviews to keep bundle spending in check. So, in 2019, they decided to consolidate all their mobile requirements with one vendor.

For a full view of the market and the best value, MBA went out to tender with 3 companies. And out of the 3 vendors, ARO came out on top, becoming MBA’s new mobile broker. This was because of ARO’s many benefits including their direct EE partnership and service wrap from the account management team. As MBA needed to have control of the mobile fleet and security, they also needed a mobile device management solution which ARO provided through IBM MaaS 360.

ARO Solution

ARO’s tailored solutions transformed MBA Group’s communication infrastructure, enhanced cost management, and streamlined operations.

Following quarterly visits with one of our account managers, Jonathan Bryson, MBA realised that ARO could offer so much more, which led to them deploying 5 lease lines with backups, full firewall support, and management along with 300 teams’ integration VoIP licenses. The deployment of ARO’s ‘Ola Nhanced’ telephony paired with Teams removed the need for desk phones in the office which made staff much more efficient due to the unified platform.

The cloud telephone system also allowed MBA group to move away from a costly on-premise system to a future proof set up on a monthly subscription. This married in with their need for speakers and algo bells in the warehouse and shop floor which had always been a problem because they didn’t sync properly.

Communication is made even easier as staff can access voicemails from either their email, teams, or through their online portal. Their system can be set so calls can be forwarded to mobile numbers or directly to voicemail which is then delivered as email attachments.

Furthermore, ARO provided a call reporting suite that their senior management team found extremely valuable. This suite enables the SMT to generate reports on call centre staff, providing insights into call durations, call quality, and client complaints. With weekly automated reports, MBA now have clarity on team performance and areas where additional training and support may be needed- everything that a business needs to grow bigger and be better.

The solutions implemented by ARO for MBA Group include:

  • 150 Mobiles
  • 150 MDM licenses
  • 300 user teams integrated phone system
  • 5 lease lines with failover
  • Full Watchguard maintenance and support at all 3 sites

It is not only the product set that MBA Group have taken from us, but also the support and management that we have bought in as well. They have onsite visits every 3 months with one of our Account Manager’s, which allows them to understand the marketplace with regards to cost and future needs in this ever-changing world.


Through their strategic partnership with us, MBA Group has experienced significant improvements in their communication infrastructure, cost management, and operational efficiency. Our tailored solutions have successfully addressed MBA Group’s challenges and with our continued support and proactive approach, MBA Group are now confident in all their solutions, which are adaptable and future-proof.

Here’s what they had to say: “Jon and his team have been very proactive and helpful in every step in getting the right solution for us and the ongoing support they provide.”