Security for Safeguarding

Aberlour is a charity helps disadvantaged children and families in Scotland have a brighter future. As a children’s charity with over 30 locations across Scotland and 600 users, Aberlour has a large surface area to cover and a lot of highly sensitive data to protect. And just like any large organisation they were also experiencing issues with phishing attacks that tricked staff into clicking malicious links.

These concerns were a key focus for IT Director Ros Dowey and Infrastructure Manager Graham Stevenson. Both manage Aberlour’s cyber security posture, having already implemented Barracuda Essentials they decided to further reinforce their data protection with ARO (formerly known as Altinet). Priority one was to tackle their phishing attack problems. Second was to be proactive in managing data breaches and stolen credentials before they could pose a legitimate threat to business.

“We wanted to cover ourselves against all the unknown threats, and gain visibility over any compromised accounts or malicious attacks that we might be susceptible to,” said Ros.

Strong A.I. and Stronger User Awareness

In collaboration with ARO, Ros and Graham decided to onboard Barracuda Sentinel and Trillion™ – addressing their phishing attack troubles and combating data breach and account takeover threats.

Where Barracuda Sentinel excels is in it’s A.I.-powered threat detection, which helps to mitigate social engineering threats incoming to staff mailboxes. By shifting the onus of threat detection onto Sentinel instead of staff members, the team are able to continue the rest of their work while the artificial intelligence keeps watch for spear phishing attacks. This A.I. assistance also helps to automate remediation efforts in the event of a cyber incident. “We totally trust Barracuda to protect us going forward,” said Ros, “The solutions have all been really intuitive and easy to use.”

At the same time, Trillion™ brings advanced visibility over third-party data breaches and stolen corporate credentials on the dark web. These details can often lead to surreptitious account takeovers, stemming from bad actors who have acquired credentials on criminal forums. Some of these stolen credentials are complete with a plain-text password, others simply feature the password hash, but all are taken from large scale data breaches of third-parties. So far Aberlour have seen Trillion™ quickly identify any of their team members that have been affected by data breaches, keep track of the level of risk in each case, and deliver user education on password resetting and best practices.

“Always On The Ball”

Having already worked with ARO on previous cybersecurity projects, Ros and Graham already knew they’d be well looked after by their service and solutions. “We already had Barracuda Essentials in place, and were very happy with them. Adding Sentinel and Trillion™ to our protection stack was just a further addition to the security we already had,” said Ros. “Altinet are a great company to work with, really responsive throughout the project.

Graham also shared his positive experiences with ARO’s support. “The technical team have been fantastic, really helpful and always quick to respond. On the few occasions we’ve raised a ticket, they’re always on the ball,” he said.

As Aberlour continue to work closely with vulnerable children and families, they can now be confident that their sensitive data is well and truly secure – with a combination of Barracuda’s artificial-intelligence-led Sentinel to defend them against social engineering attacks, and the Trillion™ standalone software able to proactively protect them against account takeover attacks from the dark web.

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