In today’s digital age, where businesses rely heavily on cloud-based solutions like Microsoft 365, ensuring robust security measures is crucial. However, despite the abundance of tools and features available, a staggering 90% of businesses are not effectively securing their Microsoft 365 data and applications, leaving them vulnerable to cyber threats. 

A recent audit conducted by ARO across 500 organisations, many of whom assumed their environment was up to date and well managed, revealed a glaring gap in Microsoft 365 security practices. The audit found that the majority of businesses, particularly SMBs, were falling short in effectively securing their Microsoft 365 environments, especially concerning data and application security.  

With hybrid work becoming the norm, there’s a crucial shift in security considerations. Traditional IT security does not cut it anymore, particularly with guidelines like Cyber Essentials emphasising the need for secure home working.  

Moreover, the increasing prevalence of cyber threats poses a significant risk to businesses, with more than 70% of SMBs considering cyber threats as an escalating concern. Alarmingly, 61% of SMBs in the UK and US reported experiencing a security breach last year alone. This highlights the urgent need for stronger security measures to safeguard Microsoft 365 solutions against evolving cyber threats. 

What is Secure+?

In response to these pressing security challenges, ARO has launched Secure+ – a comprehensive Microsoft 365 security solution.  

Secure+ delivers a unified suite of proactive services through six vital elements which help to fortify and optimise Microsoft 365 environments for sustained security, compliance, cost optimisation, and operational excellence. 

After an initial audit, Secure+ will cover six essential elements:  

  • Baseline Monitoring 
  • Quarterly Updates 
  • Tenant Housekeeping 
  • License Management 
  • Health Checks 
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) 

Why Secure+?

Secure+ is a holistic approach to safeguarding and enhancing Microsoft environments. By embracing Secure+, organisations benefit from a strategic blend of proactive measures and thorough management to fortify their Microsoft landscape against vulnerabilities.

Each element of Secure+ is tailored specifically to address the unique challenges faced by businesses in securing their Microsoft 365 environments.

Baseline Monitoring 

Baseline Monitoring establishes a benchmark for the ideal configuration and behaviour within your Microsoft 365 environment and continuously observes and evaluates your Microsoft 365 environment against this established baseline. By analysing key parameters, settings, and configurations, Baseline Monitoring can identify any deviations or anomalies from the standard expected configuration.

Quarterly Updates 

Almost 3/4 organisations are not applying software security updates within the recommended 14 days, significantly increasing their risk of falling victim to a data breach or cyber attack. We understand that resources are often stretched thin, and that’s why Secure+ includes regular, automated software updates. Our quarterly updates ensure that systems are fortified against emerging threats, equipped with the latest security patches, and optimised for performance. This allows your team to focus on other vital areas of the business.

Tenant Housekeeping

The average time to contain an insider threat incident is 85 days. Tenant Housekeeping significantly reduces this by conducting routine “housekeeping tasks”, such as, removing redundant accounts, inactive devices or legacy configurations. This not only enhances performance, but it also minimises potential vulnerabilities coming from neglected or outdated accounts, devices, or configurations.

License Management 

Over half of Microsoft 365 licenses are inactive, underutilised, oversized or unassigned, wasting business funding and resources. Fortunately, our Secure+ service goes beyond security, providing license management to help organisations better optimise their Microsoft 365 environments. 

Health Checks

Microsoft Health Check provides ongoing evaluation and diagnostics to assess the overall health, performance, and security of the Microsoft 365 environment. It serves as a proactive measure to ensure that your environment and configurations are optimised and operating efficiently. 


SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) collects and analyses vast amounts of security-related data in real-time from your network, applications, and systems. This includes logs, alerts, and events generated by various users, devices and applications across your Microsoft 365 ecosystem. By consolidating this information into a centralised platform, SIEM enables our security team to detect and respond to potential threats quickly. But it doesn’t just stop at detection; it empowers your team with actionable insights and automated responses, streamlines incident response, facilitates compliance adherence, and bolsters your organisation’s resilience against cyber threats. 

The Benefits of Secure+

Many businesses face challenges in effectively securing their Microsoft 365 data and applications, leaving them vulnerable to cyber attacks. However, Secure+ offers a proactive and comprehensive solution to these unique challenges. By centralising security management, gaining real-time insights, and proactively responding to potential threats, organisations can significantly enhance their defences against cyber threats within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. 

Plus, by embracing Secure+, organisations can empower their teams with the right security solutions for the hybrid work landscape, ensuring continuous monitoring, optimisation, and vigilant security oversight.  

Secure your Microsoft 365 environment with Secure+ and embark on a journey towards fortified, resilient digital infrastructure. Get in touch with our cyber security experts to gain access secure+ and other cloud security services or download the Secure+ Brochure for more information.