Microsoft Copilot for Security is a powerful tool that helps businesses protect their digital assets and detect security threats more effectively. With its advanced features and wide range of benefits, Copilot for Security has become an essential solution for organisations looking to enhance their cybersecurity defences.

What is Microsoft Copilot for Security?

Microsoft Copilot for Security is a comprehensive AI security management solution that empowers security and IT teams to protect at the speed and scale of AI. With Copilot for Security, organisations can proactively identify, investigate, and mitigate security threats across their digital infrastructure, strengthen team expertise, and respond even faster. As announced at Microsoft Secure last month, Copilot for Security is now available for purchase as of April 1, 2024. 

Features of Copilot for Security

Copilot for Security offers a wide range of features that enable organisations to protect their infrastructure. These features include: 

  • Continuous Threat Monitoring: Copilot for Security monitors network traffic, endpoints, and cloud resources in real-time to detect security threats and vulnerabilities. 
  • Automated Incident Response: As the incident response process is automated, organisations are able to quickly mitigate security incidents and minimise damage. 
  • Advanced Threat Analytics: Copilot for Security utilises artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyse security data and identify advanced threats. 
  • Intelligent Security Recommendations: Copilot for Security provides actionable recommendations to improve an organisation’s security posture and strengthen their defences against potential threats. 
  • Centralised Security Dashboard: Copilot for Security offers a centralised dashboard that provides a holistic view of an organisation’s security landscape, making it easier to manage and monitor security operations.  

What are the Benefits of Using Microsoft Copilot for Security?

The results from Microsoft’s Copilot for Security economic study shows that experienced security professionals are faster and more accurate when using Copilot. Specifically, Security analysts were 22% faster with Copilot, 7% more accurate across all tasks when using Copilot and, most notably, 97% said they want to use Copilot the next time they do the same task. This study showed that everyone, no matter what their experience or expertise is, can benefit from Copilot for security. 

Other benefits to using Microsoft Copilot for Security include real-time visibility into the security posture of an organisation’s digital assets. This enables quick identification of potential vulnerabilities and immediate response to security incidents. Secondly, Copilot for Security automates many manual security tasks, freeing up valuable resources and enabling security teams to focus on more critical issues. Plus, by leveraging the power of AI and machine learning, Copilot for Security can identify patterns and anomalies from large amounts of security data.  

How to start using Copilot for Security

Getting started with Microsoft Copilot for Security is simple. To use Copilot for Security, customers need an Azure subscription and SCUs (Security Compute Units), both of which can be purchased through ARO. Once set up, Copilot for Security starts monitoring the network, endpoints, and cloud resources to identify security vulnerabilities and potential threats. 

For complete security coverage, Copilot for Security can be integrated with other Microsoft security solutions like Azure Sentinel, Microsoft Defender, and Microsoft Cloud App Security, allowing organisations to leverage the full potential of Microsoft’s security ecosystem. 

Copilot for Security is now pay-as-you-go

Microsoft has introduced a pay-as-you-go pricing model for Copilot for Security, making it more accessible to organisations of all sizes. This pricing model allows organisations to pay only for the services they use, giving them the flexibility to scale their security operations as needed. Having this pricing model makes it easy for organisations to integrate Copilot for Security into their budget and allocate resources efficiently without any long-term commitments or upfront costs.  

Global availability and broad ecosystem of Copilot for Security 

Since April 1st 2024, Copilot for Security has been made globally available. As Copilot is multilingual and can process prompts and respond in eight languages with a multilingual interface for 25 different languages, it can now be used in all major geographies across Europe, Asia, and North and South America. 

In addition to its global availability, Copilot for Security benefits from a broad ecosystem of security partners made up of independent software vendors and managed security service providers. This ecosystem ensures that organisations can leverage their existing security investments while harnessing the power of Copilot for Security. 

With its comprehensive features, global availability, and flexible pricing model, Copilot for Security is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes looking to enhance their security posture in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. To learn more about Microsoft Copilot or any other additional Microsoft products, visit our Microsoft page here or get in touch with our team of accredited Microsoft experts.