Join us as we share our excitement in achieving achieving our 5th Microsoft Solution Partner accreditation, Data & AI (Azure), demonstrating our commitment to excellence in cutting-edge Microsoft solutions.

In order to provide our customers with the latest technology, we are constantly striving for high standards in our solutions and services. Achieving the 5th Microsoft Solution Partner accreditation is a major milestone in our progress.

Our Path to Excellence: Earning Microsoft Solution Partner Accreditations

Attaining the Microsoft Solution Partner status is a rigorous process, demanding in-depth expertise and proficiency in Microsoft’s suite of solutions. Our Cloud Experts’ efforts in achieving these accreditations is a testament to their knowledge and our deep-rooted commitment to integrating Microsoft solutions seamlessly into our clients’ business processes. We have now attained the following Microsoft Solutions Partner accreditations:

  1. Infrastructure (Azure): Our expertise in Microsoft’s infrastructure and Azure solutions, ensures the creation of robust and scalable IT environments suitable for businesses of all sizes. We excel in helping businesses migrate to and innovate in the cloud, fully leveraging the advantages of cloud infrastructure.
  2. Data and AI (Azure): Our recognised proficiency in data management and AI highlights our expertise in using Microsoft’s advanced data platforms and AI technology. This is key to helping our clients manage data across multiple systems and to creating sophisticated analytics and AI solutions.
  3. Digital & App Innovation (Azure): As Cloud Experts, we are acknowledged for our specialisation in designing and deploying digital solutions and applications utilising Microsoft’s technology. Our capabilities range from developing cloud-based applications and AI-driven analytics to crafting state-of-the-art software solutions, all aimed at addressing complex challenges and driving business growth and operational efficiency.
  4. Business Applications: We are skilled in utilising Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform to create transformative business solutions. Our expertise in these areas drives efficiency and sparks innovation, providing our clients with cutting-edge business application solutions.
  5. Modern Work: We have demonstrated a profound capability to boost client productivity and support the shift to hybrid work models using Microsoft technologies. This skill underscores our commitment to facilitating the future of work through advanced and flexible solutions.
ARO's Microsoft Solutions Accreditations

The Impact of Our Microsoft Solution Partner Accreditations on Your Business

Our achievement in securing these accreditations isn’t just a cause for celebration; it’s a promise of quality and excellence to you, our clients. By partnering with us, you can expect:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Take advantage of Microsoft 365 and Azure for streamlined business operations
  • Zero Trust Security: Benefit from advanced managed cybersecurity focused around key Microsoft security technologies, including Defender, Intune and Sentinel.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Utilise the power of Data and AI for smarter, informed decision-making
  • Customised Solutions: Experience tailored Business Applications that fit your unique needs
  • Reliable Infrastructure: Depend on a solid IT infrastructure for uninterrupted business continuity
  • Fully Managed IT Support: Lean on us for unified managed IT support services, ensuring your day-to-day operations run smoothly, with little to no interruptions

Assisting Businesses in Shaping Their Future with Superior Technological Expertise

Our success in securing 5 out of 6 Microsoft Solution Partner accreditations is not just a milestone for ARO; it’s a beacon for our commitment to technological excellence. As we continue on our path of innovation and leadership, we can help UK organisations look forward to robust, efficient, and cutting-edge Microsoft solutions, customised to meet their evolving needs.