Although Microsoft platforms have a lot of potential, they also come with complexity. And as technology continues to evolve, and new solutions are being introduced, it’s hard to know how to move through the tech world. Our specialist Microsoft consultants work with you to provide support across the whole Microsoft product range to help you meet your specific needs and goals – with little or no disruption to day-to-day operations. Plus, as a Microsoft Partner, we ensure that you get the most out of your Microsoft solutions.  

Achieving the 5th Microsoft Solution Partner accreditation has been a major milestone in our progress. With 5 accreditations under our belt, you can count on ARO for high quality advice, delivered by trained Microsoft experts. That’s why we have decided to run a selection of Microsoft webinars to help you with everything from AI solutions to strengthening your security infrastructure. 2024 has already presented a new range of business challenges to our organisations, and we want to support you by removing any technology burdens you may have.    

So, what’s on the agenda?  

Upcoming Webinars 

AI & You – 13/06/2024 

An exploration into Microsoft 365 Copilot which will showcase how AI can transform your workflow for the better. 


Securing your 365 environment – 18/07/2024  

How are you securing your Microsoft 365 environment? Look at your identities, devices, applications, and data. Are they protected, backed up and proactively monitored?  


Elevate your business with CRM – 22/08/2024  

Improve your business by implementing an AI-enabled CRM to enhance sales and marketing and provide your people and customers with a stellar experience. 


Modernise your services with Azure – 19/09/2024 

Join us for a session on how Cloud services in Azure can improve your business. We’ll be discussing how Azure can help deliver basic services through AI to streamline and improve your organisation. 

(Webinar link to be released) 

Transform your business through Field Service – 24/10/2024 

See how a cloud-based, correctly implemented Dynamics 365 Field Service can transform your business, delivering efficiency and fantastic customer service with amazing business insights.  

(Webinar link to be released) 

Business Continuity & You – date to be confirmed 

How are you protecting your resources? Whether that’s on-premises, cloud, or SaaS. Do you have a full plan in place to address any issues that arise from cyber-attacks? Join us in identifying the gaps a lot of organisations have and developing a framework to prepare and recover from any issues.  

(Webinar link to be released).  

Successful AI Adoption – date to be confirmed 

Wondering what AI means for your business? Confused as to how this would benefit you? Worried about being left behind? This webinar has you covered!  

(Webinar link to be released) 

Why choose our webinar? 

With our deep knowledge and experience with Microsoft, proven through our 5 Microsoft Solution Partner accreditations, ARO is uniquely positioned to empower your organisation’s digital transformation journey. By participating in our webinars, you’ll gain invaluable insights into the latest Microsoft innovations and practical strategies for leveraging these technologies to overcome your business challenges. Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the full potential of Microsoft solutions and drive your business towards success. Register for our upcoming webinars today.