The increase in remote work has brought new challenges for organisations worldwide. While virtual communication and collaboration tools such as Teams have helped bridge the gap between team members and departments, the hardware used to support voice calls can be a weak point in the system. Low-quality microphones and cameras, dropped signals, jitter, and hardware malfunctions have always been around, but these challenges have been compounded by hybrid working, and with more remote workers each using their preferred technology. This can significantly affect employee experience and perceptions from customers, partners, and external stakeholders.

To address these challenges, ARO has developed partnerships with Microsoft-certified manufacturers, including Yealink and Poly, to provide you with the best hardware solutions for Voice for Teams. Our goal is to ensure that your Teams solutions are fully operational, and your employees are well-equipped with the right hardware and necessary skills to use it effectively.

Teams Enabled Phones: Enterprise-Level Desk Phones for Teams

We understand the importance of having reliable, easy-to-use desk phones for Teams. That’s why we work with Microsoft-certified manufacturers, including Yealink and Poly, to provide you with enterprise-level desk phones optimised for use with Teams. These phones can be quickly installed using standard Ethernet or USB connections and come pre-configured for ‘plug and play’ functionality with Teams, simplifying the setup process.

Personal Stage and Huddle Room AV: High-Quality Audio and Video Solutions

In virtual meetings, low-quality microphones and cameras can significantly affect the meetings’ quality, especially in open-plan environments where noise levels can top 70dB. To fix this, we collaborate with leading manufacturers to bring you personal stage solutions. This ensures that your business is presented perfectly in virtual meetings – no matter where they’re held. We also provide quality ‘right first time’ solutions for huddle rooms to help employees focus away from the hustle and bustle of their desks. Our solutions include:

Room and personal cameras: Our cameras make first impressions that give the right impression, with super-wide views, high-definition, pan, tilt, and zoom.
Headsets with noise cancelling: Our headsets are built with productivity in mind, enabling users to work (and walk) while staying hands-free.
Personal microphones: Our microphones can be placed anywhere in your meeting space while maintaining echo-free and noise-free audio.

AV to Elevate Meetings and Meeting Rooms: Immersive and Interactive Spaces

Our integrated AV solutions will transform your meeting rooms into immersive and interactive spaces, providing dynamic tools for voice-powered communication, productivity, and professionalism. Our solutions include:

Robust routing for video and audio: We provide HDMI or wireless options available for all layouts.
Room acoustics and control: Our expert advice on positioning microphones, screens, and speakers ensures high-quality audio and video.
Touch panel solutions: We enhance attendee experiences with easy booking, linked to Teams scheduling.
Our AV architects will help you design the perfect open-plan, conference, and board rooms for both Teams and audio calls.

Training and Support: Mission-Critical Services for Your Teams Solutions

Equipping your voice strategy with the right hardware is crucial for successful communication and collaboration with your team. Without it, your business could come to a standstill.

At ARO, we offer a comprehensive range of hardware solutions that are optimised for use with Teams. Along with all levels of support, from technical assistance to complete managed services. Plus, ‘ARO Skills’ with every managed service package.

For any Teams solution, user adoption is crucial. That’s why we offer ‘ARO Skills’ to give your staff 24/7 access to training on all Microsoft products through your Teams client. It features over 5000 videos created by Microsoft MVPs, explaining features and functions, and can even host your own company videos for onboarding and training, all within the same portal.

If you would like to learn more about optimising your business communications and levelling up Teams, get in touch with our team of technical experts.